Time For Change

We Were Not Kind to Our Planet. 


148 Million Tons.

By 2030 the fashion industry will produce 60% more waste than it already does1, growing at an unprecedented rate.

40% Wasted.

An ever-growing throwaway attitude, dwindling quality, and the cycle of seasons etched into the culture of fashion, result in rampant overproduction leaving 40% of clothes unsold and unworn1.

It’s Time to Do Better.

It’s Time to Change.

Our commitment to sustainability drove us to innovate how we make clothes. Textile waste is a massive issue in the fashion industry so we decided enough was enough.

We want to be part of the solution not the problem.

Seasons Scrapped. 

We’ve scrapped fashion seasons altogether, and bring you only our finest selection of items throughout the year. The era of slow fashion is here. Overrun production is now a thing of the past as we’ve completely phased out collections. Only crafting small groups of items every few months to ensure that every bit of fabric we use finds its kindred soul.

Every Item, Something Truly Special.

Standing by our proud craftsmanship each piece is only crafted in limited quantities, making them something truly special. If some of the fabric is left over, we make sure to recycle what we don’t use in our future designs. 



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